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Lake Hope State Park Lodge: Log Cabin Restoration Project

Vintage old log cabin to be reconstructed inside Ohio's Lake Hope State Park Lodge.

Antique American Log Cabins has been contracted to custom build a Vintage Cabin inside the new Lake Hope State Park Dinning Lodge.

The State of Ohio is rebuilding the Lodge that was lost to fire

The Vintage Log Cabin will be reconstructed inside the Lodge that was lost to fire in 2006 and will be used as the cafe. The cabin will be restored using locally reclaimed hand hewn logs and specifications approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

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Step by step progress of the old log cabin being assembled inside the New Lake Hope Lodge.

The reclaimed old log cabin being restored inside of Lake Hope Lodge will begin its new life as the lodge cafe. Click here to see a picture gallery of the step by step progress.

  • Locally reclaimed logs.

    Locally Reclaimed Logs

    Logs reclaimed from other local old log cabins will be used in in this project.

  • Beautifull old chimney.

    Inside the New Lodge

    The vintage cabin will be constructed inside the new lodge.

  • Local reclaimed vintage logs.

    The old log cabin

    Vintage reclaimed local logs used to restack cabin.

  • Lake Hope Lodge Construction Site.

    Site Location

    The Lake Hope Lodge under construction.